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Photongraph's new web page / Photongraphs neue Webseite

Photongraph is a photographer: photon-grapher, a light painter, painting and graphing with photons. Photons = Light.

Photongraph's website is about PHOTOGRAPHY. The mission, our mission is not only to capture every stunning single moment with technical perfection, it's about more than technical perfection. It's about the artistic and creative way of photography, it's about the art and magic behind it.

“The Art of Photography”

It's about the art of photography, the artistic and technical perfection and magic. It's about getting the best out of an image motif, a photographic theme or subject, object, motif. It's like playing with music, a piano or guitar. It's about being supreme on every aspect, when you take a picture and later editing the image to get the most out of the technical limitations of photographic camera technologies like digital image sensors and image processors or analog film.

For a perfect picture you will always need more than just making a snapshot in JPEG or a printed film out of the analog slide positive or negative film. Photography is about technics, knowledge, artistic way of expression, spontaneity, simultaneity, art, image composition rules like “Rule of Thirds” and “Golden Ratio”. With the best photographic composition techniques and best possible technical capabilities you can get the most out of the camera. The mission is to produce nice image motif compositions and composings, also getting and having the best technical quality out of a camera and lens combination for each specific photographic solution. Know-How is everything on photography. Photongraph photographs and takes pictures since his youth and over a decade long. Either analog or digital, his home is not specified by the camera technology itself, it's his mind to take images.

But of course the usage of high quality lenses like Carl Zeiss T* and Sony G lenses are also important to obtain high image quality. But photography isn't about sharpness and best possible image quality by high-tech alone. It's about (the) choosing between focal-lengths, the right perspective, focussing on the image motif. Deciding to show which perspective and perceptual concept and image view is the best by letting things in or out or cutting or including them on the image motif. It's also about capturing the right atmosphere of the image you have seen by your eyes or express your view of things by special camera settings or later in post processing via image editing. It's also about the concentrated and focused view and choice between different possible perspectives. This begins with deciding between different focal lengths and the intention behind different perspectives. Sometimes it's about to kneeing down with your body in combination with your camera and lens. Than literally and metaphorically your body your mind and your soul melt, merge with your camera and lens. It's also about the deconstruction of reality and human perceptual view. Photography is sometimes about showing different perspectives. E.g. the frog perspective produces image motifs bigger and wider than they are with the natural view of our human eyes or just shoot and taking a picture spontaneous from above and with a wide-angle lens to show the reality actually smaller than they are in reality with our human view.

The moment, when the camera clicks, is about capturing the right moment. If you are too slow or don't pay enough attention and if you aren't prepared, than you will miss the single moment to capture the moment, the magic. Capturing the light, setting the camera, exposure/time, aperture and anything else like ISO sensitivity is for an expert on photography a more intuitive and easy thing and spontaneous decision to make. A real photographer uses his mind, it's the brain behind the viewfinder before any excellent picture exists. It's always the man or woman behind the camera, the vision behind the photographer. The magic, the intuition, the creativity, the vision of a photographer behind his image and his intentions. Sometimes also the spontaneity behind some photographs.

The camera itself is just an instrument, like a piano. You always need a grand piano master to handle and play things correct, exactly and excellent with a artistic and creative, virtuosic, masterly touch. With photography and the camera it is the same, the camera is just the tool for one's own, for your creativity and intuition and artistic way of expressing your vision. My philosophy is easy formulated in some main core sentences. One of them is mastering as Photongraph the light and exposure. Being the master of light and exposure. Sometimes using Ansel Adams' zone system and thinking about some quotes from Henri Cartier-Bresson. Both are famous photographers and set standards in the world and magic behind photography.